Powerlifting for women

Powerlifting as a sport is based on 3 main activites. These are the bench press, the squat and the deadlift.  The purpose is to lift as much weight as possible and on the contrary to popular belief, powerlifting does not focus on size gain and is actually not only for the huge men that you might see on TV on magazines.  Genetics, rather then the weight that is lifted determines the size of a person and although powerlifting will not necessarily make you big and bulky, it will change your appearance.  It will also make you fitter, stronger and leaner.  So you can ignore the stereotype and enjoy the many benefits of powerlifting.  For example, as a woman, imagine everyone’s surprise if you beat a male and their friends at arm wrestling.  Powerflifting can help you to accomplish this and many other goals.

The sport develops lean and toned muscles in the major muscle groups and builds explosive muscle strength.  As you inevitably get stronger, you can lift larger amounts of weight.  This in turn will help you to get as strong as your genetics will allow you to.  You will also find that, as you do become stronger, the simple household tasks such as carrying the shopping or taking out the trash will be become much easier.

As you get more serious, you will need the correct equipment to compete.  For a powerlifter, its important to look at reviews of powerlifing belts as this is one of the most important pieces of equipment in your arsenal.  Other things that seasoned lifters use are knee supports and wrist straps.

Stamina and endurance

If you are very serious about powerlifting, your training routine will combine both strength training and cardiovascular training.  Plyometric aerobics are a jump-style or training that is done at a high intensity.  This type of training is frequently utilised by powerlifters to improve their endurance and after only a couple of weeks of this type of training, you will have a better ability to muster up extra bursts of energy even if you feel tired.

Weight loss

Every pound that a person gains means that they have eaten about 3500 more calories than they have burnt.  By using a powerlifting routine, you can lose that at extra weight.  The intense activity of powerlifting training will burn around 330 calories per hour.  It will also increase your metabolism and thus your calorie burning potential for the rest of the day.

Improved health

Powerlifting does improve the lungs and also the heart.  You will be impressed at how it makes you feel generally better inside and out.  As the efficiency of your heart and lungs improves, you will find illnesses such as colds can be fended off much easier.  You’ll also be much less likely to to have any chronic health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes,

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